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EZ-Pac teams up with Breathe Safely Alberta to distribute masks in Airdrie and Calgary

EZ-Pac teamed up with Breathe Safely Alberta to distribute masks in Airdrie and Calgary. I had the chance to interview Lindsay Madill about EZ-Pac's new business offering and how they are helping not-for-profits locally.

What products does EZ-Pac normally offer?

On a smaller scale, within the past four years, we started retailing specialty bottles to Canadian end-users. We service quite a few local Airdrie and Calgary breweries, craft shops, and mom-n-pop shops.

Although we operate in Canada, most of our sales and operations happen in the states. Our swing-top bottles are proprietary and we distribute those to large distributors in the United States.

Breathe Safely Alberta, a collective of businesses and groups worked together to create a cost-effective, reusable face mask, made with medical-grade FDA approved polymers. We are one of the distributors for this mask now.

How did EZ-Pac become a part of this venture with BSA masks?

EZ-Pac and Alta Injection Molding actually share the same parent company. It was a logical choice when the time came to find a distributor to sell the BSA masks. We have the network available to sell, on a retail basis, to end-users.

Our goal is to connect with people in Airdrie, Calgary, and other local areas. We wanted to assist companies that are re-opening and we anticipate this will grow locally as we begin to fulfill local retail orders.

How are these masks being distributed?

We were considered an essential service, so we began contactless pickups through appointments so that customers could minimize interaction with one another when COVID-19 restrictions were put in place. We will continue with shipping and utilizing contactless pickups for the masks as well.

What has the community response been like so far?

The response has been very positive. We finalized production and started to fulfill orders towards the end of May. The first few recipients were charity organizations including the Calgary Food Bank, who were looking for PPE for their volunteers. I think people were relieved and excited to have a reliable, cost-effective source for PPE.

Many organizations are restricted by the amount of PPE they have on hand. With a consistent stream of supplies, charities can increase operations and aid the community on a larger scale. Rotary Canada has also expressed interest in providing BSA face masks to their projects as charitable donations both locally and nationally.

Do you see this as a long-term offering?

This mask has many uses outside of the context of the pandemic, such as when the air quality in Alberta deteriorated due to forest fires last summer. Our masks will filter that as well because it filters particles. In the long-term, this is a product that will meet the consumers' needs, so it's something we will continue to deliver past this year.

Where can people find out more information about BSA and EZ-Pac?

People can go to Breathe Safely Alberta's website which has detailed information about the masks and the different groups involved. For more information about EZ-Pac people can visit our website!

Read about Alta Injections' role in Breathe Safely Alberta on our blog here!

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