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Fitness business chooses optimism

Cody Thompson is rooting for local fitness businesses while he’s in the trenches with them.

He and his wife, Sarah, own White Collar Boxing, where they train athletes physically and mentally through their offerings in-house and virtually with White Collar Boxing, nutrition coaching, their Athlete Development Program, and Elite Athletic Fitness (Elite AF).

Cody said the community of gym owners is tight.

“We all support each other,” said Cody. “We actually are working together to make sure that we all prosper.”

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Both from small towns, Cody and Sarah moved to Airdrie in 2005, attracted by affordable housing and a familiar atmosphere.

“The community really was what we were looking for and where we wanted to lay down roots to raise a family,” said the father of three.

The community really was what we were looking for and where we wanted to lay down roots to raise a family.

Cody Thompson

The hit on their several businesses over the last year has meant reducing full and part-time staff and contractors from 45 at their peak, to 18 today, and they no longer have 650 members in their gym.

However, Cody’s a resilient fighter, taking the last year to expand coaching offerings to athletes and entrepreneurs around North America and develop a podcast.

“If you feel like something's missing in your life, if you feel like you need an outlet, and your fitness, your nutrition, or your mental mindset isn't...where it could be, reach out to us,” said the coach.

White Collar Boxing can be reached on Instagram and Facebook. His podcast, Get In the Ring with Coach Cody, is available through podcast apps.

Airdrie’s SPORTS & FITNESS owners would love your support! Find them at airdrie.thingsthatareopen.com.

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