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A locally-owned franchise offers Airdrie businesses free marketing on their digital platform

Chrissie Rozak, GetintheLoop Franchise Owner in Airdrie, offers free subscriptions to the digital marketing tool for businesses in Airdrie. Learn how she is helping local businesses get online!

What is the GetintheLoop app and how does it work for businesses and consumers?

GetintheLoop is a platform for local businesses to connect with consumers. In normal circumstances, businesses pay to be on our app and utilize the platform to share incredible business offers, deals, and how their business is unique. People can browse through the app and see what's new. For example, people looking for a good lunch deal or a new place to eat can browse the app and find local businesses near them.

How are you helping local businesses through this app?

We realized businesses are struggling. As a company, we offered up our platform to new businesses at no cost. This allowed businesses who were on the fence about using our tool to jump on and see all the benefits of digital marketing. We also reached out to our existing partners and paused payments. We are here to provide these business owners with as much as possible right now. We realized that this change in business structure is good. We are looking into switching the plan once everything reopens, moving to a tiered system, and keeping that free level with access to limited features.

How has your business changed on a personal level?

Face-to-face relationships with our partners were our main success, prior to COVID-19. We take on a partner as if their business were our own, creating deep relationships with the owners. We were also very involved in the community and at events like tradeshows, tournaments, and charities. We have made the switch to digital, like many others, through Zoom, call, email, and text. Some of these aspects might be the new norm for us.

What advice do you have for businesses?

I recommend that businesses take advantage of every outlet and platform available to provide support. Websites like Things That Are Open are great for businesses to utilize and spread awareness of offerings and services. Our platform's mission is to support businesses in every way we can. This is also a great time to assess your business model, hang on tight, and continue to evolve. I've seen businesses transform their entire business to online platforms in short periods of time. It's amazing and empowering to see the resilience of businesses in Airdrie.

How can people access this free tool?!

Head to our website for more information and sign up details! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to hear from local businesses and our team!

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