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Knitting a community together

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The family team at Willow ‘n Wool has continued being a hub for the arts and leisure community in the last year.

When Barb Heidebrecht, her daughter, Mikaela Heidebrecht, and daughter-in-law, Lorianne Pauls, opened Willow ‘n Wool three years ago, they were excited to bring a unique yarn and pottery store to Airdrie.

Support has been strong.

“We definitely felt more customers... come in intentionally to shop local,” said Barb. “That shows us their dedication and passion for our community.”

Selling supplies for knitting and crocheting, as well as pottery crafted by Lorianne under her brand, Prairie Willow Pottery, keeps the family’s creative side thriving.

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“We feel like we really contribute a creative outlet for people in Airdrie,” said Barb. “It's a space where people can come and connect with us, with each other, [and] be inspired to create and try something new.”

COVID-19 and the accompanying restrictions have been a “set back” for the business, taking away the ability to offer in-person classes and drop-in sessions, but Barb says they’ve adapted, finding new opportunities and opening an online store.

“We have built a new customer base, as people are wanting to find new things to do while they're at home,” said Barb.

To keep up to date with Willow ‘n Wool’s offerings, visit willownwool.com, where you can sign up for their newsletter. They’re also on Instagram and Facebook.

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